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Trendyol Market Application Tutorial


What is Trendyol Market?

Fast Market; is an online supermarket service that allows you to place orders for grocery, bakery, and pastry products and promises delivery in 30 minutes. With Trendyol Fast Market, you can order online from markets.

How to become a member of Trendyol Market?

You can follow all the content we have prepared for Trendyol Market from the section below…

After Opening Trendyol ApplicationClick on "Fast Market" on the top left.
After clicking on the "Trendyol Market" text, click on the section that says "Sign Up" on the Bottom Right.
Upon clicking "Register", fill in the form by choosing your e-mail address, new password and gender in the form that appears. Click the boxes next to the agreements below. Then click on "Subscribe".
Once you become a member, you need to enter your location on the Quick Market. On the page that comes up, click on the part that says "Show My Location" in the section marked at the top. If your location looks wrong, follow the next step.
To locate your desired address, navigate to the section labeled "Search for a Neighborhood, Street, or Avenue." In there, enter the name of your institution, neighborhood, or street. Once you have done so, select your address from the list of results provided. To confirm your selection, click the "Use This Location" button located at the bottom of the page. Thank you for choosing our service.
After clicking the "Use this location" button, this form will appear. In this form, fill in your full address, name, surname and contact information. After filling out the form, click the "Save My Address" button at the bottom.
Once clicking the button, your location will appear for confirmation. Check your location again and if it is correct, click on the button that says "My Location and Address is Correct".

How to See Trendyol Market Campaigns?

trendyol hızlı market 9
Come to the main page of Trendyol Market. Click on "Campaigns" at the bottom right of the homepage.
trendyol hızlı market 10
By Clicking on where it Says "Campaigns"The Campaigns page you see on the right will appear in front of you.

How to Shop on Trendyol Market ?

From the homepage of Trendyol Market, select the market you want from the markets close to your location. Click once on the market to select the market
Upon clicking on the market, you will be directed to the homepage of the market. You can search for products at the top of this page. For example, you can write "Tomato" there. Or, you can proceed from the categories section below. For example, we clicked on the category of vegetables and fruits.
After clicking on the "Vegetables and Fruits" category, the products belonging to that category will appear. You can add the product to your cart by clicking the "+" sign in the upper right corner of the products.
By pressing the "+", in the upper right corner of the products, we can add the products we want to buy. Or, we can reduce the products by pressing the minus "-" .
After our shopping is done, we will go to the payment part by clicking on the basket icon at the bottom of the application. Here we can see what we took.
At this stage, we check again our basket and the number of products we bought. After checking the basket amount at the bottom, click on "Confirm Basket" button.
After clicking the button, we can check our delivery address from the top again. Upon checking, we move on to the card information section below.
Here enter the card information in the marked part. Finally, we create our order by clicking the "Confirm and Finish" button at the bottom.