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E-Nabız Application Tutorial

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E-Nabız Mobile Application Training

E-Nabız: E-Nabız is a system that makes personal health information electronically accessible. Individuals aged 65 and above can track their health information through E-Nabız. For example, they can easily access various health data such as allergy information, chronic illness records, conducted tests, and prescriptions. Moreover, they can communicate with their doctors and exchange information regarding their health conditions.

Objective of the Training

In addition to providing basic information about internet technologies and mobile devices, the training teaches participants how to navigate the interfaces of these applications, carry out transactions, and prioritize security. This training ensures that users effectively and correctly utilize the applications. It informs individuals aged 65 and above about the services offered by these applications. They gain awareness regarding the operations that can be performed through E-Government, how to schedule appointments via MHRS, and how to access health information through E-Nabız. Consequently, they understand the benefits and significance of using these services. The training raises awareness among individuals aged 65 and above regarding internet security and personal data privacy. It covers topics such as secure usage of applications, password management, precautions against internet threats like phishing, and how to protect personal information. The training introduces support and assistance channels to help elderly users overcome problems they may encounter while using these applications. Users learn where to seek help in case of technical issues or when they need further information.

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